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Arizona Free Dental Care Programs Helping the Less Fortunate

Arizona Free Dental Care Programs Helping the Less Fortunate

Many Arizona residents have been vocal about their concerns regarding dental care. No matter how much money a person makes in their field, major dental issues can still put a significant dent in their finances, and those who aren’t fortunate enough to have high paying jobs are struggling more than ever when it comes to affording proper dental care.

Recently in Phoenix, 300 dentists and 1,500 volunteers helped hundreds of patients take advantage of a free dental care program. The program, hosted by the Central Arizona Dental Society Foundation, has gone on for five years in a row and is a great (temporary) fix for patients who can’t afford professional dental assistance.

According to ABC Arizona, the program has provided nearly $8 million in dental assistance to 8,000 patients who were otherwise unable to afford it.

Although 99.7% of adults believe a healthy smile is socially important, alleviating serious mouth pain is the most important aspect of dental care when it comes to struggling patients. That’s why the focus of Arizona Dental Mission of Mercy is to relieve infections and pain for anyone who doesn’t receive regular dental care.

“I’ve been shot twice,” said Valeria Scoby, an uninsured patient who was suffering from severe dental pain, “and the pain of that was nothing compared to the pain of this tooth abscess. It means a lot to know there are people out there who dedicate their time.”

Although doctors recommend getting a good night’s sleep on a comfortable mattress, which typically have lifespans of about seven years, Muhammad Akbar opted to sleep in his car in order to ensure he received free dental assistance.

“It’s a blessing, a big blessing,” said Akbar. “Who has the money to pay for teeth?”

Another free dental program is currently ongoing in Arizona, but this time is in place to assist economically vulnerable Holocaust survivors across the state.

Jewish News reports that the Alpha Omega-Henry Schein Cares Holocaust Survivors Oral Health Program, with help from the AT Still University Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health, chose Arizona as the 18th North American city to participate in the program.

The dentists in the Arizona area that are helping the struggling Holocaust survivors with their dental needs are Michael Gibbons, Sharon Bader, Jeffery Kleiman, Shalom Fialkoff, Betty Schindler, Josh Mondlick, and Michael Lebowitz.

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