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Low Salaries Among the Top Reasons For Vacant Teacher Positions in Arizona

Posted by on Nov 17, 2017 in Featured News | 0 comments

A new report by the Morrison Institute for Public Policy at ASU states that more than 1,3000 Arizona classrooms are without a permanent teacher, and low salaries are the main problem. Arizona’s median pay of a secondary school teacher is only $48,020 compared to the national median pay of $55,800. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, this puts Arizona worst in the nation for primary school teacher salaries, along with being 48th for high school teacher salaries. A recent survey found that about 526 teachers quit this school year, with 42% of Arizona teachers hired in 2013 leaving the profession within three years. Nearly three out of four administrators said their schools face immense teacher shortages — 1,328 vacant positions to be exact. A teacher shortage is an immense problem for public schools, seeing as how half...

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ADOT Receives National Award For I-15 Bridge Project

Posted by on Nov 3, 2017 in Featured News | 0 comments

Any Arizonian knows that Interstate 15 offers a breathtaking view of the state’s rugged landscape. Now a portion of the highway has been recognized for its infrastructural attributes as well. The Daily Miner reports that The American Public Works Association selected the Virgin River Bridge No. 6 rehabilitation as the Project of the Year. It was selected among other projects with worth between $25 million and $75 million. “This award acknowledges the creativity and cooperation that went into making a critically needed improvement to a vital regional economic corridor,” Dallas Hammit, Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) state engineer and deputy director for transportation, said in a statement to the Daily Miner. In the country’s 102 largest metro regions, driver take two hundred million trips over defective bridges every day. Virgin River Bridge No. 6 is no longer one of...

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Wickenburg Ranch Will Soon Offer Semi-Custom Homes

Posted by on Oct 17, 2017 in Featured News | 0 comments

In Wickenburg, Arizona, a resort community named Wickenburg Ranch has announced that they have decided to create a new neighborhood on the property with the help of two hand-picked, semi-custom homebuilders. The community currently offers homes built by Shea Homes, and will now begin to offer semi-customizable homes by CSE and Associates and Mandalay Homes. There will be an additional 62 homes within a 55-acre area of the property. These homes will feature larger, more private lots ranging from 10,000 to 45,000 square feet. The two builders will construct 31 homes each, which in turn will offer multiple structural options. A U.S. Houzz and Home survey given in 2016 showed that over two-thirds, or 68%, of homeowners plan to include some sort of recreational area in their customized home. Varying design options will give homebuyers the option to customize...

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Arizona Department of Corrections Faked Temperature Logs for Hot Summer Months

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Some Arizona Prison officials have been caught faking air conditioning logs as part of an alleged cover up of inhumane conditions for both staffers and prisoners. Back in 2014, The Arizona Department of Corrections was the subject of a lawsuit, Parsons v. Ryan, which claimed that the DOC’s treatment of inmates was unconstitutional. As part of this lawsuit, prisons all over the state had to submit temperature logs showing indoor temperatures for the summer months. But examiners are finding that not all logs were realistic; in a summer where the temperatures outside consistently reached triple digits, one prison only recorded temperatures in the 80s. In this case, these logs were filled out days in advance. It became a rule under Parsons v. Ryan that all state correctional facilities had to keep a record of indoor temperatures. But lawyers got suspicious when these logs...

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3 Things You Should Think About Before Selling a Business

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There are many reasons to sell a business. It may be that the current owner seeks a change of pace or a new opportunity, or maybe it is a financially beneficial move on the part of the owner. Maybe the owner is retiring, the number one reason to sell according to IBBA Market Pulse. Regardless of why the decision to sell is being considered, there are a number of factors that need to be given careful thought before any documents are signed. Selling a business is a permanent step; once it’s done, the business is sold and it can’t be reclaimed. So to help business owners out there make the right choice, here are a few things to consider: Selling A Business Before Retirement: Consider The Emotional Impact Retiring can be an emotional time period and one full of...

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