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Massive HVAC Company Comes To Rural Texas – 4.2 Million Square Feet Complex

Posted by on Jun 29, 2017 in Featured News | 0 comments

Texas continues to grow its economic power despite the low oil prices that are affecting its largest industry and export. Recently, a Japanese HVAC company made the move to build a mega factory for its AC production outside Houston. This factory, a sprawling 4.2 million-square-foot complex, is set to be one of the largest buildings in the area. Its roof alone spans 100 acres. In comparison, the average Walmart Store is 100,000 square feet. The company behind this giant of a facility is Daikin, and it has invested around $500 million on what can be considered its most advanced factory yet. But why would Daikin build this mega factory in rural Waller County, Texas? It’s because Texas has one of the best HVAC markets in the country, something that Takeshi Ebisu, head of Daikin’s U.S. Operations, firmly believes. “It’s...

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Americans Can’t Afford To Get Away, But AZ Workers Most Likely To Take A Trip

Posted by on Jun 23, 2017 in Featured News | 0 comments

Research shows that taking a trip has numerous benefits on one’s well-being. Not only can just planning a vacation make you happier, but 53% of employed American adults come back feeling refreshed after a trip. That often results in higher levels of productivity, creativity, and overall job satisfaction. But a new poll has found that 43% of Americans aren’t going to be taking a vacation this summer — and the number one reason is that they simply can’t afford it. The poll, conducted by the Associated Press, found that a huge portion of working Americans won’t be able to take a summer vacation, with 49% of those respondents citing that cost was the barrier. Around 11% said they couldn’t take the time off from work, and 3% said they simply don’t like to be away from their jobs. In...

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Arizona Commission Given Warning By Federal Officials To Cease Employer Penalty Reductions

Posted by on Jun 15, 2017 in Featured News | 0 comments

The Industrial Commission of Arizona’s reduction in employer penalties regarding workers’ deaths and injuries has been deemed non-permissible by federal officials. A federal investigation led by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) officials found that the commission’s actions violated the laws of Arizona. The commission was warned by the officials to cease their reductions of employer penalties immediately. OSHA officials investigated the commission after receiving a complaint in December from the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health. According to the Arizona Capital Times, the “agency had been monitoring state commission meetings for months previously.” The monitoring of the state commission paid off. OSHA officials reported the Arizona workplace safety agency’s practice of reducing employer penalties regarding worker’s injuries and death to be “operating outside of its legal authority by reclassifying violations” and therefore “must cease altering the classification...

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Arizona Food Hub Appeals to Foodies, Vegans, and Those Looking For the Biggest Bite

Posted by on Jun 1, 2017 in Featured News | 0 comments

According to experts and state officials, Arizona is the place to grab a bite — especially if you have a discerning palette, have embraced a vegan lifestyle, or simply want the biggest meal you can imagine. By the year 2020, the global tableware market is projected to exceed $41 billion. Of course, local restaurants eat up a good portion of that. And between last month’s Arizona Restaurant Week and the PHX Vegan Food Festival in February, foodies are starting to flock to the area for the latest and greatest in local dishes. Back in 2015, the United Nations’ Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization recognized the city of Tucson for its gastronomy scene’s local food production and investment in natural resources. But while Zagat recently gave Phoenix and Scottsdale the number nine spot on its up-and-coming food cities list, most...

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Arizona Sephora Stores to Offer Free Beauty Classes For Cancer Patients

Posted by on Apr 11, 2017 in Featured News | 0 comments

Nearly 21 million women throughout the U.S are experiencing some degree of hair loss. Women who lose their hair due to chemotherapy and other cancer treatments often find it a struggle to feel attractive or feminine. To help these women regain their confidence, popular beauty retailer Sephora is offering free classes for cancer patients at 40 of their nationwide locations, including those in Arizona. Approximately 39.6% of women and men receive a cancer diagnosis at some point during their lives. While invasive cancer treatments can fight the disease, they take a physical toll on the body. Those who undergo these treatments are often left to grapple with significant physical changes, including hair loss, changes in weight and skin, and scars from surgery. Unsurprisingly, many experience decreased self-esteem as a result. Now, Sephora’s Classes for Confidence will include a free,...

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Arizona’s Construction Worker Shortage : A Homebuilder’s Headache

Posted by on Apr 7, 2017 in Featured News | 0 comments

Arizona is not keeping up with national construction job growth, recent data shows. This is according to a report by KTAR News. The United States broke this decade’s record by adding 58,000 construction jobs nationally, according to the most recent Employment Situation Summary, while the number of Arizona construction workers has actually gone down. While the 2006 housing boom sparked the hiring of more than 240,000 construction workers statewide, this number is now down to 134,000, according to the news report. Citing economist Rick Merritt, KTAR News reports that this has caused builders to pay higher wages. It has also caused the actual building process to take longer. This increase in time and money could outweigh money-saving techniques such as the installation of vinyl siding, which costs 11% less than cedar siding and 26% less than aluminum siding. “The...

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