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Arizona Reportedly Safe From Measles Outbreak

Posted by on Mar 3, 2015 in Local News | 0 comments

Urgent care clinics around the country usually treat nausea, dizziness, flu symptoms, and anxiety as well as other non-life-threatening conditions. Measles, therefore, are not their forte. Unfortunately, fears about a serious outbreak of this highly contagious condition occurring in Arizona were fueled when a woman sought care at one of these walk in medical clinics, exposing 190 people to the disease. However, while officials are reluctant to make a definitive statement, the Arizona measles outbreak is believed to be over. Following the heavily-publicized outbreak of measles at Disneyland, two cases of the illness were reported in Arizona. The second case was discovered in late January, after a woman with measles visited Phoenix Children’s East Valley Center, an urgent care facility in Mesa run by Phoenix Children’s Hospital. While it is not publicly known if the infected woman was a...

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Arizona Giving Private and Public Spaces Alike Environmentally Friendly Landscaping Makeovers

Posted by on Feb 3, 2015 in Local News | 0 comments

According to one recent survey, people garden for a variety of reasons: to spend more time outdoors (44%), to enjoy beauty (42%), to escape life’s pressures (39%) and to get exercise (35%). Gardening is typically associated with lush greenery, but Arizonians are proving that gardening using native plants can accomplish all these goals in both private and public outdoor spaces that aren’t particularly green — but this type of gardening is actually more “green,” since it effects less of a drain on the environment. “Xeriscape came up as a water-saving principle,” landscape contractor Chris Niccum told the Arizona Daily Star’s Jan. 17. “[But] I believe it has developed into a landscaping style.” According to the University of Arizona, about half of the per-capita water use in urban Arizona is used for residential outdoor purposes, meaning that saving water...

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Tennessee Town Attempts to Ban Negative Social Media Comments

Posted by on Dec 23, 2014 in Local News | 0 comments

South Pittsburg is a small town in Tennessee with a population of 2,992. Perhaps best known as the site of the National Cornbread Festival, the town is typically devoid of any scandal or excitement that might attract national attention. However, thanks to an ill-advised ruling, South Pittsburg is now drawing ire from social media enthusiasts around the country: the city council recently voted to ban negative comments about the town from appearing online. South Pittsburg’s town commissioners recently voted 4-1 in favor of an “all-inclusive” social networking policy. This policy would prohibit all elected officials, appointed board members, employees, volunteers, and contractors from making comments about the town’s boards, officials, and organizations on social media sites. City employees will be required to sign a formal acknowledgement of the ban, and sanctions will be levied against violators. The town officials...

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Two Moving Scams in Arizona Face Lawsuits from State Attorney General

Posted by on Dec 13, 2014 in Local News | 0 comments

Two Arizona-based moving companies are facing consumer-fraud lawsuits from the state’s Attorney General, Tom Horne. The lawsuits allege that 3 Gorillas Moving and Storage LLC in Tuscon, and Allstars Movers and Storage Inc. in Phoenix, engaged in practices that were deceptive, misleading, and just plain false. Both companies are charged with falsely representing the costs of their services, demanding payment when reaching a destination, and refusing to unload trucks unless customers paid up. Both companies also provided unfair claims processes for items that were lost or damaged. The defendants in each lawsuit will have to pay restitution for customers if they are charged, in addition to fines of $10,000, per violation of the Consumer Fraud Act. Allstars Movers go by several names, according to the Arizona attorney general’s office, including Allstar Moving and Storage, Inc., Allways Moving and Storage, Easymoveaz,...

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Small Business Saturday Aims to Promote Local Holiday Shopping

Posted by on Nov 24, 2014 in Local News | 0 comments

Black Friday has long been one of the busiest shopping days of the year, but the businesses that typically stand to benefit from it are usually behemoth retail stores, which draw a huge portion of revenue away from small businesses. What’s more, is the corresponding internet shopping event, Cyber Monday, cuts into the retail dollars that might be otherwise spent at small businesses as well. Small Business Saturday, which falls on Saturday, November 29th, aims to change that. According to The Missoulian, Small Business Saturday was created in 2010 by financial services company American Express to help encourage people to do some of their holiday shopping at local small businesses. The Missoulian also reports that studies have shown that both Black Friday and Cyber Monday pose a threat to local economies, since most of the money spent on those...

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LAPD Makes Decision About Body Cameras For Officers

Posted by on Nov 7, 2014 in Local News | 0 comments

The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed on Tuesday that it will begin equipping its officers with body cameras, according to the Los Angeles Daily News. They have chosen to go with body cameras supplied by Taser, the company best known for producing stun guns that are used by officers to subdue potentially dangerous suspects. Officers from the LAPD tested two different body camera brands in the field over the last three months, choosing the Taser brand cameras due to their ease of use and storage, and other features that make the cameras and video footage more accessible. It also took officers very little time to adjust to, Taser’s storage site for video footage collected by on-duty police officers. One officer compared the cloud-based storage system to Apple’s iPhone, noting the particular ease with which officers were able to get accustomed to the new...

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