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Bridal Stores Host Designer Dress Giveaways for Military Brides

Posted by on Sep 16, 2014 in National News | 0 comments

According to recent surveys, 89% of brides decide on a budget before they start planning their wedding, and the bridal gown is often a big portion of that budget. However, a few lucky military brides in Lenexa, KS and Corona Del Mar, CA were able to take that factor out of the equation, thanks to two bridal shops who provided dresses for free. Anne Hafner and Madison Clay from Belle Vogue Bridal in Lenexa, KS. decided to create their “Gowns for Good” event to show support and appreciation for members of the armed forces and their families. This past weekend, Belle Vogue gave away 150 brand new gowns to military brides. Special occasion gowns will also be offered at the low price of $25. Most of the bridal gowns being distributed are exclusive designer samples, worth up to $2,900....

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Brad and Angelina’s Recent Wedding Have Experts Discussing the Benefits of Marriage

Posted by on Sep 3, 2014 in National News | 0 comments

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, lovingly known as the celeb power duo “Brangelina” by fans and critics alike, recently tied the knot after spending nearly a decade together. The wedding, which was a private ceremony held in a chateau in the south of France, immediately sent worldwide media outlets and gossip columns into a frenzy. Although fans around the world are trying desperately to find out all the details behind the wedding — Who was invited? Why was it kept secret? What made Jolie decide to let her six children decorate her designer wedding dress with their drawings? — many people are more concerned with the fact that the couple got married at all. Regardless of the details behind the marriage, people are still wondering one big question: after nearly a decade together and beginning to raise a family...

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Diagnostic Images Now Easier to Share Thanks to Nuance’s Adaption of Cloud Technology

Posted by on Aug 29, 2014 in National News | 0 comments

Nuance, a national communication company, has now enabled the ability for health providers to share over 3 billion health images using cloud technology. This new technology will allow healthcare providers, such as doctors, to send along x-rays and other medical information to various places even if the places are not networked together. In the past, it has often been difficult to get health care institutions to share diagnostic images with each other because of concerns over privacy and network security. Consequently, patients have experienced delayed or inconsistent treatment of their ailments. The lack of communication has also unnecessarily padded already expensive medical bills — if a patient’s provider can’t access their old MRI scan, then they have to conduct a new one. “Physicians love that they don’t have to deal with a CD anymore,” said Josh Pavlovec, who works...

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Study Discovers Fewer Gas Leaks Throughout Cities With New Pipes

Posted by on Jul 30, 2014 in National News | 0 comments

U.S. cities that regularly replace their natural gas lines have fewer occurrences of gas leaks, according to a new study conducted by Google and the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF). According to a July 16 Herald Bulletin article, the study found that cities like Indianapolis, where old gas lines are regularly replaced, see fewer leaks than places where they aren’t, like Staten Island in New York City and Boston, where there is approximately one leak per mile. To conduct the study, gas-detecting devices were affixed to Google’s mapping vehicles, which then drove around the major U.S. cities that were surveyed. The EDF then used statistical calculations to determine the amount of methane present in these cities’ streets, the Herald Bulletin reports. Google Maps is typically used by individuals to get directions and find locations — however, in this case, Google’s mapping technology was able to detect the...

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Another Car Recall: Hyundai’s 2015 Sonatas This Time

Posted by on Jul 23, 2014 in National News | 0 comments

The thought of loosing control of a car’s steering system while barreling down a highway going 73 miles per hour is frightening, and Hyundia Motor Co. agrees. South Korea’s largest car maker has decided to recall around 2,100 Sonata midsize sedans. The sedans were produced from their Alabama car manufacturing plant and were found to have wiring-related issues that have the potential to affect the power steering system. It can be difficult to determine what is wrong with a car, and not to mention expensive if there is something found to be the matter. Engine and transmission problems, for example, require the most expensive auto repairs in the U.S. The Sonata steering system issue has been traced back to the wiring harness, which is responsible for making the steering wheel easy to maneuver. The issue, then, is that drivers may now...

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Researchers Devise Innovative Solution to Bed Bug Erradication That Only Costs a Dollar

Posted by on Jul 17, 2014 in National News | 0 comments

Bedbugs are one of humanity’s pests that have clung on through the centuries of improvements in cleaning and home care. Many homeowners feel obligated to spend hundreds of dollars on bedbug removal. But could there be a way for consumers to prevent bedbugs from sucking the blood out of their bank accounts? According to researchers from the University of Florida, it’s not only possible, but a necessary addition to the options consumers have for fighting bed bugs. “Having low cost bedbug control is a must,” said Roberto M. Pereira, one of the study’s authors, who says that when it comes to their device, “it’s not even a dollar.” The trap the UF entomologists have devised consists, basically, of two plastic containers. One rests within the other, creating a “moat.” The researchers used tape around the edges of the larger container,...

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